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Sunday, July 8, 2018
2 - 4:30 p.m.
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FREE for RW members, their guests, and the general public.


Wendy Bartlett

Wendy Bartlett won top prize for writing in 2008 at the San Francisco Writers Conference for her cozy mystery, Cellini’s Revenge. She has had her poetry published there and at the Redwood Writers anthology. She writes songs, sings with her guitar and is currently publishing four children's books, The Elizabeth Books.

The Flood

When 11-year-old Elizabeth’s parents don’t come home one rainy night, she’s left in charge of her 4-year-old sister, Amanda. Together with her little sister and their 7-year-old neighbor and her cat, they set out in a rowboat to find their parents. They struggle over two nights. Their quest forces Elizabeth to find new levels of courage. Will they find their families before it is too late?

Wendy Bartlett_The Flood



Co-authors Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller know Albert Fisher well, having toured nationwide as playwright/actors since 1969. Their plays have been staged by major theaters and their own ensemble (www.IndependentEye.org). They have shared two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships and created radio series for more than 100 stations. Their weekly blog is at www.DamnedFool.com.

Galahad's Fool

In Galahad's Fool, a year after the death of his co-creator and soulmate, a grizzled, acerbic puppeteer struggles to build a solo show. But what Albert Fisher intends as a lightweight spoof turns sharply personal, and he labors to birth a raw myth of love and loss.

Bishop-Fuller_Galahads Fool


Skye Blaine

Skye Blaine writes fiction, memoir, and poetry, developing themes of aging, coming of age, disability, and awakening. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University in 2003. Her personal essays, fiction, and poetry are in the anthologies Sisters Born Sisters Found, Water, Journey, Stolen Light, and Untold Stories.


After a rollover accident, Zephyr, Rowan's dog, is pitched from the van and bolts into the wild. Moss Westbury, an Afghanistan vet, is an amputee with PTSD; he lives to write in isolation. But in the ensuing search for Zephyr, the two families' lives collide.

Skye Blaine_Unleashed


Sara Geber

Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D., is a retirement coach, professional speaker, author, and the founder of LifeEncore™. She has a special interest in the needs of "Solo Agers," people over age 50 without children and those aging alone. Geber lives with her husband and canine companion in Santa Rosa, CA.

Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers

Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers explores the path ahead for child-free older adults and presents a comprehensive guide for retirement planning. Through stories and personal examples, the author describes choices in housing, relationships, legal arrangements, finances, and more-and urges Solo Agers to plan for the future as though their life and well-being depend on it—because it will!

Sara Geber_Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers


Roger Good

Roger Good's father's work took him from place to place, resulting in Good attending 13 different schools between the first and twelfth grades. Good has worked at Harvey House, The National Council on Alcoholism, Bechtel Corporation, Mountain Vista Farm, and as a private management consultant providing services for corporate policies and procedures, and Management Drug Awareness Training. 

The Warriors of
Harvey House

The Warriors of Harvey House is a true story from over 40 years ago. Treatment programs hadn’t been invented yet. Harvey House was a crazy idea, but very effective. Learn about the world of recovery. A world all around us, but one in which few of us live. 

Dr. Claudia Black, the prolific author of books on recovery, called this book, “captivating and powerful.”

Roger Good_The Warriors of Harvey House



Andrea Granahan has won many awards for her reporting and feature writing in her 40-year career as a journalist. She was the founding publisher of the weekly newspaper Bodega Bay Navigator. Her work covering the fishing industry has been described as unparalleled.

Backstories from
the West Edge

The book covers 40 years of adventures and journalism on the Northern California coast—aka QuirkUtopia. From going to war with the US Navy over submarines killing fishermen to Mario Savio telling her to censor her journalism students, Granhan's career has seen a lot of action.

Andrea Granahan_Backstories from the West Edge


Bill Haigwood

William Cook Haigwood is the author of Journeying the Sixties: A Counterculture Tarot, a metahistory of the 20th century's longest decade featuring the author's photos from the era. Haigwood is also the author of A Time of Unsearchable Things and Davenport. Bonny Doon is the third novel in his series, Stories of the Post-Counterculture.

Bonny Doon

Part Two of the Davenport Trilogy, Bonny Doon continues the saga of a Central California coastal photographer whose photography of public nudity and sex uncovers an emerging beach counterculture. A growing cast of eccentric and carnal beach denizens extends his picaresque odyssey along a narrowing path between treachery and misfortune.

Bill Haigwood_Bonny Doon


Susanna Janssen

Susanna Janssen is a foreign language educator, author, speaker, and newspaper columnist on language, cultures, and travel. She teaches Spanish and Italian, coaches foreign language learners on skill development and fluency, and inspires people of all ages to keep reaching for another satisfying read.

Wordstruck! The Fun and Fascination of Language

Can one book excite the brain, warm the heart, and tickle the funny bone? Wordstruck! The Fun and Fascination of Language delivers with 60 servings of language topics full of humor, imagination, and insight. Wordstruck! is the winner of three national awards including First Place in Humor from the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Susanna Janssen_Wordstruck


Elaine Magalis

Elaine Magalis wanted to write fiction at age 9 but spent most of her working-life freelancing articles and books and producing multimedia presentations and videos on social issues. She also worked as education director at a Vermont history museum and is the author of a Vermont mystery series.

Lily Plunkett and the
Aquacizer Murder Club

When one of their own is killed, a swimming pool of elderly aquacizers decide, unasked, to help the police find the guilty party. Led by Lily Plunkett, a stubborn 70-year-old lesbian, the women finally bring the killer to justice at a concert amid horns and glockenspiels, bad scenery, and worse planning.

Elaine Magalis_Lily Plunkett and the Aquacizer Murder Club


Lisa Manterfield

Lisa Manterfield is the award-winning author of The Smallest Thing and A Strange Companion. Her work has appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Los Angeles Times, and Psychology Today. Originally from northern England, she now lives in Northern California with her husband and over-indulged cat. Learn more at LisaManterfield.com.

The Smallest Thing

When a deadly virus traps 17-year-old Emmott in her tiny English village, she must make a life-or-death decision. Will she pursue freedom, at all costs, or do what’s best for the people she loves: her dad, her best friend Deb, and the mysterious man in the HAZMAT suit?

Lisa Manterfield_The Smallest Thing


Kenneth Nugent-

Kenneth Nugent's  passion for the history of California and the West, thrived while he served on the Sonoma County Historical Society and the Petaluma Museum boards. He has written a history of his church in Petaluma, where he led a group to restore historic stained-glass windows forgotten in a ranch hen house. His anti-war drama, "The Finger," won the Dominican University Marin Fringe Festival "First Place Best Play" honor.

Petaluma Slough

Petaluma Slough is about fate. It’s about history. It’s about time.

This saga takes us from Frontera del Norte valleys of Alta California to modern-day San Francisco. Mexican frontier commander, Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, offers a sham land grant of a modest-sized rancho, and the tainted bribe becomes the focal point for generations of conflicts. Years of wars, bigotries, and betrayals collide in the Presidio Cemetery, near the Golden Gate Bridge. A reporter happens there that night. He uncovers sins and secrets that had been buried in the past.

Kenneth Nugent_Petaluma Slough


David Ramirez

David Ramirez, recently retired from a career in corporate training. He specialized in organizational effectiveness, team leadership, and corporate staff development. He enjoys writing within the genres of historical fiction and contemporary action adventure. His first novel, The C-Factor was published in 2013.

Second Sight

After surviving a near fatal motorcycle accident, 31-year-old Richard Foster is amazed to discover that he has developed extra sensory abilities. Is this phenomenon a gift or a curse? Should his visions be ignored or acted upon? One thing is certain, his life will never be the same as he begins a high-stakes adventure, finding political intrigue, danger, and love along the way.

David Ramirez_Second Sight


Rebecca Rosenberg

Rebecca Rosenberg, a California native, lives on a lavender farm with her family in Sonoma, the Valley of the Moon, where Jack London wrote from his Beauty Ranch. Rebecca is a long-time student of London’s works and an avid fan of his daring wife, Charmian. The Secret Life of Mrs. London is Rosenberg's debut novel, following her non-fiction, Lavender Fields of America.

The Secret Life
of Mrs. London

San Francisco, 1915. As America teeters on the brink of world war, Charmian and her husband, famed novelist Jack London, wrestle with genius and desire, politics and marital competitiveness. Charmian longs to be viewed as an equal partner, but Jack doesn’t see it that way…until Charmian is charmed by Harry Houdini's attention and sexual magnetism, and Charmian’s eyes open to a world of possibilities that could be her escape.

Rebecca Rosenberg_Secret Life of Mrs London


Joanell Serra

Joanell Serra, MFT, lives with her growing children, husband, and dogs in the lovely Sonoma Valley. After years of publishing short stories, essays, and plays, The Vines We Planted is her debut novel. She can be found polishing her second novel at a coffee shop, sipping a perfect cabernet in a Sonoma winery or at her website: JoanellSerraAuthor.com.

The Vines We Planted

In the heart of the California wine country, secrets seem to grow on the vines that Uriel Macon’s family have tended for generations. Joanell Serra’s debut novel is captivating, poignant, and uplifting, demonstrating how seeds planted long ago continue to grow. Sometimes into a strangling weed, sometimes offering a bountiful harvest.


The Vines We Planted
Joanell Serra


Jeane Slone

Jeane Slone is a board member of Redwood Writers Club, and member of Pacific Coast Air Museum and SS Jeremiah O’Brien. Slone has published: She Flew Bombers, She Built Ships During WW II, She Was an American Spy During WW II and She Was a WW II Photographer Behind Enemy Lines.

She Was a WW II Photographer Behind Enemy Lines

Lt. Adeline Peterson was detained by Nazis in Czechoslovakia, caught in the Blitz, nearly bombed in Finland, photographed Nazis takeover of Greece, jailed in Germany, torpedoed in North Africa, hit in a B-17, photographed allied prisoner of war camps, arrested in Normandy and Okinawa, photographed liberation of Buchenwald and devastation of Nagasaki.

Jeane Slone_She Was a WWII Photographer


Janell Smiley

Janell Smiley has been many things throughout her life, but never a teacher or a writer. Now, she's written a book about taking on the daunting task of doing school at home. Smiley grew up in Santa Rosa where she currently resides with her husband of 27 years, and their two college boys who come home for winter and summer break.

...As Long As You Don't Turn Them into Weirdos

A heartfelt, honest look at our journey: from public school to school at home...graduation and off to college—all the fears, failures, triumphs, and successes—meant to encourage anyone who is considering different way to do school, and entertain anyone who gives it a read!

Janell Smiley_As Long As You Dont Turn Them Into Weirdos


Ty Strange

An application developer by day, a novelist by night, Ty Strange has lived up and down the West Coast, from San Diego to Seattle, earning an MA in sport psychology, owning a Domino’s Pizza franchise, teaching himself several computer programming languages, and training in many running meccas along the way.

On Sundays We Go Long

Bound by running talent, five upwardly mobile, 30-something men juggle relationships, careers, heartaches, and technology’s pervasive reach, all the while training and racing together, pursuing cross-country club championship bragging rights.

Ty Strange_On Sundays We Go Long


Taylor, Waights

Waights Taylor has written five books, starting with two non-fiction books: Alfons Mucha’s Slav Epic: An Artist’s History of the Slavic People (2008), and the award-winning Our Southern Home: Scottsboro to Montgomery to Birmingham—The Transformation of the South in the Twentieth Century (2011). Three murder mysteries followed: the award-winning Kiss of Salvation (2014), Touch of Redemption (2016), and concluding the trilogy, Heed the Apocalypse (2017).

Heed the Apocalypse

Heed the Apocalypse pushes the boundaries of reality to tell a gripping story of murder, committed and thwarted, as it marches with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 1963 protesters in Birmingham, Alabama, toward a startling conclusion.

Waights Taylor_Heed the Apocalypse


A L Whyte

A.L. Whyte is a performer that set aside his acting career around 2010 to make more time for his family. After seven years, and in his spare time, he finished, The Children of the Stars, Book One, SAIQA. He is currently working on book two.

The Children of the Stars

The Children of the Stars is a fascinating look at the future with science and telepathy. As a group of heroes try to figure out why a seemingly peaceful world is unraveling, they discover they are being pulled into a conflict between two immortal aliens. Meanwhile another hostile alien race is making its way toward Earth.

A L Whyte_The Children of the Stars-book 1


Paula Wrenn and Jo Gustely

After corporate life in Washington, D.C., Paula Wrenn moved to Northern California where she worked as a freelance writer for 25 years. Aging, health, and hospice were among her many topics. She is chairman of the board for Alexander Valley Healthcare and looks forward to writing more books.

Jo Gustely has been a hospice nurse for 13 years and continues to actively practice this specialty in Sonoma County. She still sees too many families waiting until the final week of life to enter hospice, so her goal in writing this book was to help others understand why starting hospice earlier provides much more training, support, and symptom management to make the final weeks calm and comforting. She has degrees from University of California, Berkeley, and Emory University.

Dying Well with Hospice

One man's journey to a peaceful end is told by his wife and his hospice nurse in Dying Well with Hospice. Both women describe how to plan for and navigate this important and enlightening phase of life. Poignant and humorous, the story offers hope that death can be gentle if we are open to hospice.

Paula Wrenn and Jo Gustely_Dying Well with Hospice

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