The Happy Hypochondriac

Kathleen Spitzer is a busy 36-year-old woman. She’s married, has two dogs, is raising children, works as an executive director of an East Coast nonprofit, and she’s a writer. Whew!

Amazingly, she doesn’t sound stressed at all by her hectic life. On the contrary, she’s undeniably happy. In fact, she calls herself the Happy Hypochondriac, which just happens to be the title of her blog and her new book.

Visit her blog and you will see a picture of a beautiful, smiling woman. Photos on the page carry captions like these: “Running the Dublin Marathon without heart failure” and “In Mexico, not drinking the water.” She describes her posts as, “The often humorous tales of a woman trying to lead a normal life while constantly worried about chronic illness.”

Is she really a hypochondriac? It doesn’t seem like it but she apparently had a difficult stretch while in college and looking back, she wishes she would’ve had a book like the one she just wrote.

She has found that people around the globe are finding comfort in her writing. “Even if they haven’t had the crazy moments, they can relate at some level.”

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How to Use Lists to Navigate Privacy on Facebook

I was helping a client setup a Facebook fan page recently and found the experience a tad frustrating. What I don’t like about Facebook is how interlinked profiles and fan pages are.

This particular client wanted to keep her privacy settings as secure as possible on her profile. However, on her business page, she wanted the world to find her.

Well, that’s impossible on Facebook. The king of all social media won’t let you tailor your settings within one account.

If you’re thinking, “I’ll just set up another account,” forget it. Facebook doesn’t allow users to have more than one account.

So what’s a person to do? Use the lists feature.

You can liberalize your settings by simply categorizing your friends, family members, colleagues, and fans into lists. That way, each time you post an update, you can select how public or how private your information will be.

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