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If you are a current member of the Redwood Writers, please fill out the following form. If you think you qualify to change your current membership level, you will be able to apply below. You can find requirement details on the Membership page, or refer to Redwood Writers Membership Qualifications (Rev. 3-15-2015) for complete details.

“Redwood Express” Flat Fee

Get two meetings for FREE when you take advantage of the “Redwood Express” flat fee! When you purchase the annual Redwood Express ($50 in addition to your renewal fee of $45), you can pass by the check-in table each month and use a special badge printed with your name.

New Members

If you are joining as a new member, please visit the Membership page for more information before filling out the new members application.

2018-2019 Renewal Application: CWC Redwood Branch

CWC membership period runs from July 1 - June 30. ALL members must fill in this form to renew. You can pay with a check or online. Both options are included in this form. Once you hit submit, if you are paying by check or Paypal you will be taken to the payment screen. Fill in all the *required fields—indicated by asterisk. Thank you for your support!
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