Past Anthology Submissions

Past Opportunities for Our Members

As the largest chapter of the California Writers Club, Redwood Writers provides plenty of opportunities for our members’ writing to be published in our anthologies.

Listed below are some of the of the past anthology submission opportunities that were hosted by Redwood Writers, including our most recent anthology, Untold Stories, currently on pre-sale.

Click on the links, below, to discover our typical process for submissions, including word-count, judges, themes, and more information. As well, the club periodically hosts workshops in preparation of our anthologies. Information about some of these workshops is included in these anthology submission pages.

If you would like your writing to be considered for a future anthology and you are not currently a member, click here for Redwood Writers membership information. You can browse our past anthologies by clicking here.

Most Recent Anthology

Untold Stories, 2016

Past Anthology Submissions

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