Redwood Writers Publishing

We are pleased to announce that Redwood Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club, is now a Print On Demand (POD) publisher of its members’ works.

In 2006, Redwood Writers launched its initial, self-publishing project by producing its first anthology, Vintage Voices: A Sonoma County Writers Club Harvest, with Our branch wanted to give its members the opportunity to see their works in print and to participate in the publishing process.

Since the purpose of California Writers Club is “educating writers of all levels and disciplines in the craft of writing and in the marketing of their work,” we sought to meet those objectives with real life experience.


The success of the 2006 anthology, featured at the Sonoma County Book Festival in September, and distributed at readings and meetings, led to the 2007 anthology. Building on its experiences with self-publishing, the rigors of submission guidelines and the editing process, the branch published Vintage Voices: A Toast to Life, this edition with iUniverse. The results were positive and the success of the second anthology more than doubled that of the first.

Currently, Redwood Writers is in production for the third annual anthology, Vintage Voices: Four Part Harmony, also with iUniverse. Members who contributed to these anthologies and those who edited them have received invaluable experience in publishing procedures and marketing strategies. In addition, our branch members have a wider readership and greater credibility in their writing community.


Concurrent with our self-publishing projects, Redwood Writers embarked on an innovative, co-publishing project with Unlimited Publishing, LLC, in 2007-2008. Redwood Writers is the contributing publisher and UP is the distributing publisher.

As part of a pilot, Redwood Writers and Unlimited Publishing released three POD titles in 2008. This was a no-cost production that required the branch to learn a great deal about editing, proofing, and especially, marketing. But the benefits were clear.

Today, a growing number of writers are using new technologies like “Print on Demand” to publish their own books, rather than fight an uphill battle getting published by traditional book publishing houses. However, authors who self-publish are often charged substantial fees by service providers, or spend many hours juggling complex computer operations to prepare books for publication on their own.

The new series from CWCR and UP combined the best of both worlds, allowing writers to get published without paying fees of any kind, while avoiding daunting technical tasks frequently faced by self-publishing authors who try the “Do It Yourself” approach to book publishing. At the same time, their books were released with the backing of a well-known umbrella group for professional writers and an established trade publisher.

Redwood Writers is proud to be a green publisher, using POD technology in all its projects.