The Happy Hypochondriac

Kathleen Spitzer is a busy 36-year-old woman. She’s married, has two dogs, is raising children, works as an executive director of an East Coast nonprofit, and she’s a writer. Whew!

Amazingly, she doesn’t sound stressed at all by her hectic life. On the contrary, she’s undeniably happy. In fact, she calls herself the Happy Hypochondriac, which just happens to be the title of her blog and her new book.

Visit her blog and you will see a picture of a beautiful, smiling woman. Photos on the page carry captions like these: “Running the Dublin Marathon without heart failure” and “In Mexico, not drinking the water.” She describes her posts as, “The often humorous tales of a woman trying to lead a normal life while constantly worried about chronic illness.”

Is she really a hypochondriac? It doesn’t seem like it but she apparently had a difficult stretch while in college and looking back, she wishes she would’ve had a book like the one she just wrote.

She has found that people around the globe are finding comfort in her writing. “Even if they haven’t had the crazy moments, they can relate at some level.”

Selling Her Book with Social Media

Spitzer began building her social media marketing platform two years ago. Like most people, she started with Facebook, and then moved on to LinkedIn and Twitter. Most recently, she added Google+ and Pinterest to her marketing platform.

Her experience on Google+ has been mixed. She finds aspects of it confusing yet is sensitive to the wider audience reach with the network’s circles. So far, she has about 200 followers and just recently added a Google +1 button to her website, which she thinks will broaden her reach even further.

Like many social media aficionados, her latest indulgence is Pinterest. She uploaded her book jacket and enjoys seeing it pinned by others who in turn are discovering her book. “It’s amazing how Pinterest has grown in popularity,” she said. “You get more bang
for your buck in pinning than tweeting.”

The social media channel that promotes book sales the best is LinkedIn. Known as the social media network that professionals value the most, by participating in various forums she is becoming better known and selling more books. (I met Spitzer in one of the LinkedIn groups we both belong to.)

How does this busy wife-mother-executive director-writer-happy hypochondriac find the time for social media? “It’s time
consuming. Over time, I want to learn which ones are the best so I can be more efficient with my time.”

By the way, Spitzer is already working on her next book: The Happy Hypochondriac: Surviving World Travel.

About the Author: Sonoma County social media marketer, strategist and trainer, Frances Caballo has 22  years of communications. She works with writers, businesses and nonprofits at all levels. Presently, she is the Social Media Editor, board vice president and blogger for Redwood Writers, the largest branch of the California Writers Club. Find her
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.



  1. Fun profile of a very motivated writer and woman, thanks Frances. I find inspiration in other busy mothers who carve out the time to write, get published and market their books. I will check out her blog.

  2. Per your request to Redwood Writers members, I plan to send my book covers to you today for pininterest. At the moment I’m waiting for a volunteer from Thulani, a non-profit German Shepherd adoption/foster program. We’re considering fostering an older dog, Euripides aka “Rip”. He’s an 11 1/2 year old German Shepherd with hip dysplasia, but not ready to be put down. We’re hoping it works out. We have the perfect one-story house, with large fenced yard.

    Oh, and I found the link on Deborah Taylor French’s “Dog Leaders Mystery” site.

    So it’s true: You can find everything at Redwood Writers!

  3. So glad to be reminded about Pinterest. Love the hypochondriac-adventurer niche!

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