Redwood Writers Workshops

Periodically, Redwood Writers hosts workshops designed to improve your writing and related skills. Check out these excellent opportunities:

Current workshops being offered:

Current Workshop

More workshops posted soon

Past workshops:

2020 "Sunset Sunrise" Anthology Workshop

"I Can Almost Taste It" Contest workshop

2020 Poetry Anthology workshop

Redwood Writers Academy 2019

Writing for Middle Grade and Young Adult Readers

2018 Memoir Contest Workshop

2018 Crime Fiction Contest Workshop

2018 "Redemption" Anthology Workshop

Historical Fiction Contest Workshop

2018 Poetry Anthology Workshop

2017 Redwood Writers Academy (3 workshops)

Screenwriting Essentials Workshop on May 7, 2017

2017 Anthology Workshop on January 14, 2017

2017 Agent Pitch Workshop on January 8, 2017

"All Things Amazon" Workshop, September 2016.

2016 Untold Stories Anthology Writers Workshop, January 2016

In conjunction with the January 2016 Redwood Writers Agent Pitch, there was a Pitch Workshop in November.

2016 Poetry Anthology Workshop

Redwood Writers Academy 2015