“A Terrible Mistake” Contest Winners


Congratulations to the Redwood Writers
2021 "I Made A Terrible Mistake" Contest Winners!

jean wong


Jean Wong

"Into the Box"

Jean Wong is an award-winning author writing fiction, memoir, poetry, and plays. Her work has been produced at Sixth Street Playhouse, Petaluma  Reader's Theater, and Off the Page. She is the author of "Sleeping with the  Gods," and "Hurtling Jade and Other Tales of Folly."



John J. Lesjack

"The Legend of the Sandollar"

foy minson


Foy W. Minson

"Good Guy with a Gun"

John J. Lesjack, a long-time member of Redwood Writers, said, "I benefit more from the writer's club's circles and salons than I do my therapist." With 12 sales to Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, his aim is currently toward a Pulitzer Prize.

Foy W. Minson has published five novels as e-books and paperbacks, all on Amazon Kindle. They include Refuge Earth, Raven, and Wolfehaven, all in the Refuge Omnibus SF series, plus And Crawling Things Lurk, SF/horror, and Mama Bear, a thriller. Also, What If, as a short collection of short stories.



Sandy Baker

Sandy Baker celebrated a milestone birthday this year but doesn’t let that keep her down. No book in the works right now—just looking forward to in-person RW meetings! Past RW president and a couple of other jobs kept her busy. Grammar geek. Airbnb host. Gardener. Baker. Writer. Family grandma.


Kymberlie Ingalls

Kymberlie Ingalls is an editor, writing coach, blogger, and author. The creator of the successful sites Writer of the Storm and Neuroticy = A Societal Madness, she began blogging in the late 90s, before it became the phenomenon that is prevalent today.

Her work focuses on personal topics such as love, relationships, grief, memory loss, and the examination of the human mind. Beware of falling opinions.



Tina Deason

Tina Riddle Deason is the author of One’s Own Sweet Way, a novel about Anxiety Disorder, (CM Riddle), several short stories including Redwood Writers and Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, Sage Woman, Witches & Pagans, and Common Grounds magazines. She is currently working on two novels and an apprenticeship manual. She writes and performs rituals and ceremonies and leads women’s circles, and a yearlong Priestess Apprenticeship.


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