Agents Day & Pitchfest

1…2…3 Home Runs to Start 2017!

Warm up with the Redwood Writers Pitch Workshop

Brush up on your summary, your bio and your platform before you pitch this afternoon. This is a workshop-style event during which we will all provide suggestions and feedback so you are ready to pitch with clarity and confidence. You don’t have to be participating in the afternoon’s Pitchfest to attend this workshop, but you must be a Redwood Writers member.

(Not a member of the Redwood Writers? Click here to join before taking advantage of this workshop, the pitch event and many more member benefits.)

Workshop Moderator:
Catharine Bramkamp

Catharine Bramkamp publishes both prose and poetry. A longtime Redwood Writers member, she edited the poetry anthology And The Beats Go On. She has published 15 books, including two on writing. As a WNBA-SF member, she had coached for two Pitch-O-Rama sessions. She helped those aspirational writers, and she can help you too.



Sunday, January 8, 2017
12:30 a.m. — 2:30 p.m.
Flamingo Hotel

$20 per person

Deadline for signups:
Monday, Jan. 2, 2017
at midnight


The Power of Four!

What’s hot, what’s not, and how do you find that perfect agent fit? Join us for a panel discussion and Q & A
about the publishing industry. A great way to start the new year!

Featured Agents:
Fuse Literary:
Jennifer Chen Tran
& Laurie McLean
Kimberley Cameron Associates: 
Lisa Abellera
& Mary Moore 

Agent Panel topics will include:

  • How to obtain an agent
  • State of publishing industry
  • Crystal ball predictions for what to expect next




Jennifer Chen Tran

Jennifer is looking for women’s fiction, commercial fiction, nonfiction/memoir, YA, graphic novels.

Laurie McLean

Laurie McLean

Laurie is looking for adult genre fiction (romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thrillers, suspense, horror, etc.) plus middle-grade and young adult children’s books.

Jennifer is an Associate Agent at Fuse Literary acquiring both fiction and non-fiction. She is a lifelong reader, New York native, and experienced member of the publishing industry. Prior to joining Fuse Literary, Jennifer was principal and owner of Penumbra Literary LLC, and served as Of Counsel at The New Press. She has also interned at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth literary agency, was an editorial and publicity intern at Hunter House Publishers (since acquired by Turner Publishing), and editorial intern at Terrain Magazine.

Jennifer obtained her Juris Doctor from Northeastern School of Law in Boston, and a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Washington University in St. Louis, with a minor in legal studies. Originally a visual arts major turned English major, Jennifer appreciates creativity in all its incarnations. She was also managing editor of Student Life, Washington University’s Independent Student Paper, and studied comparative literature with Emma Kafalenos while she was an undergraduate.

With a legal background, Jennifer understands the importance of negotiation when securing and retaining author rights.  She counsels each client on building or expanding their platform, and improving on craft, and works collaboratively with her clients to obtain the best deal for each writer’s creative investment. She believes in building fulfilling and life-long writing careers and is honored to work with her client-writers.

Founding Partner Laurie McLean spent 20 years as the CEO of a publicity agency and eight years as an agent and senior agent at Larsen Pomada Literary Agents in San Francisco.

Following her stint as the CEO of a successful Silicon Valley public relations agency bearing her name, Laurie was able to switch gears in 2002 to immerse herself in writing. She penned three manuscripts before deciding that the life of a literary agent was her destiny. Laurie has been writing professionally since high school—first as a journalist, then as a public relations agent, finally as a novelist. She earned a bachelor’s in journalism from the State University of New York and a master’s from Syracuse University’s prestigious Newhouse School of Journalism.

At Fuse Literary, Laurie specializes in adult genre fiction (romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thrillers, suspense, horror, etc.) plus middle-grade and young adult children’s books. She does not handle non-fiction or commercial, literary or women’s fiction, nor does she handle children’s picture books or graphic novels.

Laurie’s clients include the New York Times and USA Today bestselling YA author Julie Kagawa, bestselling proper romance author Julianne Donaldson, award-winning steampunk and fantasy author Pip Ballantine, and the award-winning Linda Wisdom, who has had more than 100 romance novels published in her career.

For more on Laurie, check out her blog at, follow her on Twitter @agentsavant, and visit her Facebook page at

Prior to founding Fuse Literary, Laurie was also the Dean of San Francisco Writers University and on the management team of the San Francisco Writers Conference. In 2012 Laurie co-founded two ePublishing companies with two of her client partners: for vintage out-of-print romance books with Linda Wisdom; and for out-of-print classic tween and teen books with Douglas Rees (which they just sold to Fuse Literary’s Short Fuse Publishing).

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Lisa Abellera

Lisa is looking for science fiction, fantasy, upmarket fiction, historical fiction, mystery/suspense/thrillers, YA and middle-grade children’s books.

Mary Moore

Mary is looking for fantasy, science fiction, upmarket “book club,” genre romance, thrillers with female protagonists, and stories from marginalized voices.

Lisa Abellera joined Kimberley Cameron and Associates in 2013 with a background in management, marketing, and finance. She has studied creative writing, design and business, earning her B.A. in Strategic Management from Dominican University of CA and her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from University of San Francisco.

Lisa had a successful career in the corporate world before joining the world of publishing. After editorial internships with an independent press and Kimberley Cameron & Associates, she now follows her true passion for books and writing. She leverages her business and marketing expertise to help authors navigate the complexities of publishing. She is excited to develop talented authors and help advance their careers.

She is building her client list with both debut and established authors. She is looking to form long-term, collaborative relationships with writers who are committed to putting forth their best work.

Lisa responds to well-crafted prose with strong hooks and high personal stakes, to idiosyncratic, sympathetic characters, to a tangible sense of place, to multicultural aspects and international settings, to page-turning twists, and to emotionally immersive fiction that explores the human condition, especially within family and close relationships.

She is seeking to represent upmarket fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, mystery/suspense/thrillers (especially if it has a dose of science or the supernatural), science fiction, fantasy, most speculative fiction except for paranormal fantasy (no demons, angels, vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc.), romance if it’s an element or part of another genre, NA, YA and middle grade.

Lisa does not represent nonfiction (this includes memoir), short story or poetry collections, picture books, early readers, chapter books, screenplays or other works of drama, nor does she represent self-published books.

Mary C. Moore has been with Kimberley Cameron & Associates since 2012. She represents both adult and young adult fiction.

She is currently seeking fantasy, science fiction, upmarket “book club,” genre romance, thrillers with female protagonists, and stories from marginalized voices. She prefers clients who are online savvy and who have more than one full-length book project in their drawer.

She does not represent self-published books, memoir, middle-grade, picture books, or non-fiction.

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Don’t strike out…
Sign up to pitch before available spots disappear!

Following the featured agent panel discussion
at the Redwood Writers meeting on Sunday, January 8:

  • Following the agents’ panel discussion, each agent will entertain pitches from Redwood Writers members.
  • Pitches will take place in the Empire Room at the Flamingo.
  • One pitch per person.
  • Sign-ups will be on first come first serve basis.
  • Each pitch is allowed a maximum 5 minutes.
  • A $20 pitching fee is due to Redwood Writers on pitch day.

Here’s how to get drafted onto the pitching roster:

To reserve your spot to pitch, email Catharine at [email protected] Put “Agents’ Day” in the subject line.

Only RW members will be considered to pitch.

Required information in the body of your email:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Name of the agent to whom you wish to pitch (only one pitch per person)

Final pitch roster notification:

Everyone who signed up will receive an email with names of members who will pitch to agents. Waiting list members will be recorded according to the date and time they signed up and may have a chance to pitch if space opens up on the original roster.

Which team captain should recruit you?

To determine which agent to sign up for, see their detailed bios, listed above, for areas in which they specialize. Don’t forget to attend the Pitch Workshop being held from 12:30 to 2 p.m., just prior to the monthly membership meeting on Sunday, January 8. Soon, you’ll be able to sign up for the workshop here. (Please check back soon)

Any questions should be emailed to Catharine Bramkamp at [email protected]

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