Joelle Burnette
Burnette Writers’ Services
Address: 94928

Joelle Burnette is an award-winning journalist, writer, and artist. In addition to being the author of several books, including two coloring books for adults, she designs and maintains websites, and is a graphic designer.

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Business Description:

— Joelle Burnette is the web editor for the Redwood Writers website, along with other sites, including, As well, she produces web content for sites such as HubPages and blogging.
— Preferred CMS: WordPress. She has used this platform on behalf of Redwood Writers, KRON4 News, Press Democrat, and more sites.
— Intuitive, attractive, engaging website design and management including use of plugins, building widget blocks, WP media cycle, embedding video and CSS coding, HTML and theme manipulation, SEO management, multiple e-mail management, and so on.

• GRAPHIC DESIGN: (online, print, book covers, and so on)
— Calling upon her art background, her vibrant, detailed graphics are eye-catching.
— See graphics samples @ or LinkedIn:

Professional print and e-book formatting using Adobe InDesign to produce print-ready documents.

• MARKETING MATERIALS DESIGN: (Using professional Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
Bookmarks, postcards, fliers, newsletters, posters, etc.

— Chicago Manual of Style (books)
— Associated Press Syle (media)


Joelle Burnette is an award-winning journalist, writer, and artist. In addition to being a KRON 4 News web content producer, she reported for the Press Democrat and more newspapers for many years before writing her first book, Cancer Time Bomb. She also writes and illustrates children’s books, including Freedom Doesn’t Just Come Along with a Tree which promotes tolerance and diversity, and has turned her pen drawings into her two coloring books for adults, Hearts: Love’s Journey and Snowflakes. Burnette’s magazine writing was awarded Gold by the International Parenting Media Association that represents more than 100 magazines worldwide.

Prior to having received her master’s in journalism from Stanford University, she applied her love of writing to her work in congressional offices on Capitol Hill and in California, and media relations on presidential and other regional political campaigns. Follow her writing at and her art on Etsy at

North Coast Stories
Crissi Langwell

After years of publishing my own books, I have learned the ins and outs of many aspects of self-publishing and have managed to save myself a lot of money. My goal now is to offer these services to other indie authors just starting out at an affordable price, from book formatting to creating a website, and to also be a support to new authors as they begin their publishing careers. I specialize in book formatting, and in creating basic WordPress websites. I aim for a quick turnaround time with each service: 1 week for most services, and 2 weeks for copy editing. I encourage you to visit my website at to find out more information about what I offer, to learn tips on marketing and publishing, or just to connect. If you’d like to become more familiar with my writing and publishing style, you can find my books at

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My name is Crissi Langwell, and I’ve been an indie author since 2013 when I published my first novel (and a writer since many years before that). I am a member and former newsletter editor of the Redwood Writers, and the Online Content Producer of Northern California newspaper, The Press Democrat.

Along with the many aspects of book publishing, my passion is writing. I have a particular love for writing about the triumph of the underdog. I have written literary fiction, young adult fiction, magical realism, poetry, personal essay, and self-help non-fiction. I am also an avid reader, and appreciate the wonderful art of storytelling in a wide variety of genres.

Dr. Angela Literary: Dr. Angela® Programs, Publications, and Professional Services
Dr. Angela Literary Services
Address: PO Box 2505, Rohnert Park, CA 94927

Expert literary services offered by Dr. Angela who brings her 30 years experience in editorial, writing, ghostwriting, editing, developmental editing, coaching, and publishing skills to clients. Having authored over fifty books of her own (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry), and ghostwritten or assisted in developing and publishing hundreds of books and documents for other persons and organizations around the US and world, Dr. Angela provides literary services online and in person out of her Petaluma office, and teaches riveting writers’ workshops.

Business Description:

Dr. Angela Literary was founded and is operated by Dr. Angela Brownemiller. Dr. Angela Literary offers authors high quality, highly informed, caring services, helping authors to find their voices, their skills, their insights, to bring themselves into words and print (and digital-electronic formats as well). Dr. Brownemiller serves both fiction and nonfiction authors, also playwriters and poets, with her commitment to excellence and high service. Having served hundreds of individual and organization clients, and written over fifty books or her own, Dr. Angela Literary has a proven track record. Among the literary services Dr. Angela Literary offers are: a range of editing services, specializing in to developmental editing, and a range of publishing consulting services, specializing in Amazon publication set-up, layout, and processing. Dr. Angela Literary is well known for her exciting, inspiring, sometimes even life-changing writer’s workshops from which writers walk away with new understandings of their goals and next steps as authors. Email us at [email protected] and see also


Dr. Angela Brownemiller, also known as Dr. Angela®, values Human creativity, sees our creativity as inspiration and guidance. Bringing this creativity into writing is one of Angela’s primary drives in life. Dr. Angela has authored over fifty books under this and several pen names. In addition to her role as writer, she is a journalist, clinician, psychotherapist, and speaker. The views of Angela Brownemiller are centered on the great potential of the human mind, heart, and soul, and on the rights of all of us, who and whatever we are (or think we are). Angela Brownemiller views the human consciousness as a wealth of opportunity for exploration, insight, knowledge – and survival. For more information on her work in the literary fields, see For information on her other work, see and, also

James Wills, Director
Address: 141 Champlain
Cloverdale, CA

I make web sites and help people with their sites. I host sites and provide a wide variety of internet related services.

Website Address: Main Webdaki site
Phone Number: 415.461.9532
Business Description:

I have been in the business of providing internet and web related services since 1997. The following are areas of my experience. Web design, consultation, repair and change old sites, fix broken functionality, produce graphics, design and produce pre-press print layout (including books), image manipulation, site and email security, server administration, site hosting, domain name registration, photography, videography, and podcasting. I have built web sites for individuals and organizations, over 350 so far. Please ask me and I will provide references. Expert level in the following software. InDesign, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, WordPress, Dreamweaver, Apache server admin, LMS, shopping carts, php, html, java, more.

Please visit and follow the links to the special offer I am extending to members of the Redwood Writers. Reach out and lets discuss your needs and dreams. Let me provide you with recommendations and discuss ideas. No charge.


For more information about me and a sample of my “author’s site” go to http://jamesellisonwills
I have a wide variety of interests and have recently turned my attention to one of the most difficult. As a writer, you don’t need me to tell you what it is. I do find that the difference between web sites is best seen in the headlines, captions and story text. Yes, graphics matter and video is the king of online content, but good writing is essential for a good site.

Please see for a video series I produce on people and places in Sonoma County. Let me know if you have a topic to cover.

Wordrunner Publishing Services
Jo-Anne Rosen

Since 1982, dba Wordrunner, Jo-Anne Rosen has served the small business, academic, health care, human services, literary and performing arts communities as well as nonprofit and governmental agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area and far beyond. She prepares books, manuals and newsletters for publication with a focus on perfect bound books (trade paperbacks) for small presses and self-publishing authors. She also custom designs and maintains websites, including WordPress sites.

Website Address:
Phone Number: (707) 934-0555

Jo-Anne Rosen’s short fiction has appeared in Other Voices, The Florida Review, The Summerset Review, The Dickens and several other journals. She is a book and website designer, living in Petaluma since 1998. She also publishes an online literary journal at and is co-editor of the Sonoma County Literary Update ( Excerpts from her stories were performed in 2014 at the New Short Fiction Series in Hollywood, California as well as at Off the Page Readers Theater in Sebastapol and Cotati in June 2016. *What They Don’t Know* is her first fiction collection. More info:

Thinkers Ink
Leena Prasad
Services Offered: , ,

I am a visual artist and a writer. I enjoyed designing the cover for my books and would like to help other writers do the same. Since my only cover design experience is with my own books, I can do the first few cover designs for very reasonable rates.

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Leena Prasad, M.A., Stanford University, has authored two books: “iT felt Like A kiss”, an exploration of art in the Mission district of San Francisco, and “not exactly haiku”, a collection of short poems. She did the cover design and layout for her books. For “not exactly haiku”, a haiku coloring book, she drew all the sketches and “iT felt Like A kiss”, she took the photographs to illustrate her articles.

Her writing portfolio is at and her art portfolio is at

In her other life, she is a software executive.

Layout • Adaptation • Design
Address: PO Box 9518, Santa Rosa, CA

Leo Baquero. I’m a Graphic Designer specialized in book design and a Bookseller with Copperfield’s Books.

My graphic design work is focused on authors and publishing: book layout and formatting for print, formatting and adaptation of books to electronic formats (ePub, Kindle Mobi, Apple iBooks, and fixed-format PDFs), book cover design and website design for authors.
My objective is to offer authors a full set of designs services to produce a very professional book and a great website to promote those books and writers and reach readers.

Book Layout and Book Formatting, eBook Formatting, Cover Design, Website Design, Interactive Book Design, Graphic Design, Promotional Material, User Interface Design, Publishing.

Phone Number: 650.713.8158
Business Description:

Expert book layout and formatting for print. As a Bookseller, I know the parameters, standards and rules of professional book layout for print distribution that most people that do book formatting don’t seem to know. I can format books using such software as Adobe InDesign and Microsoft word to produce a print-ready document to send to a printer or to upload to print-on-demand services such as Amazons KDP and Ingram Spark.
I adapt the design and layout of books made for print to electronic formats adhering to professional epub standards.
I can also adapt graphic layouts such as Children’s books, Comics or Graphic Novels to such platforms as Apple’s iBooks and Amazon’s Kindle.
I create interactive books, educational or children’s, that can be played on tablets or desktop computers and that can integrate animations, sound, video and interactivity.

I design professional book covers that follow the publishing industry guidelines and standards.
As a Bookseller, I understand what makes a book cover looks professional and is appropriate to the different book genres. Many self-published books can be easily spotted and disparaged because they are done without a proper knowledge of design and book publishing. Typography is a big element of any cover design as it is any image used on it. Spines and back covers are also important and many book printing standards are just not known by most graphic designers.
I can ensure that your book cover will good looking and professional.

I design websites that communicate the spirit, message and personality of an author and its books
A website is a window into the author’s world and a channel to connect with his or her readers. An author website should be much more than a simple template with some pictures of book covers and buttons to Amazon.

I other types of Graphic Design pieces such as Logos, icons, business cards, bookmarks, postcards, brochures, banner ads, and the like and marketing and promotional material.

I adapt book layouts between English and Spanish editions, taking into consideration the difference in text length and keeping formatting and layout clear and consistent.


I’m a Graphic Designer, Book Layout Artist, Book Cover Designer, Web designer, UI and UX Design with more than 15 years of experience.
I am a Bookseller at Copperfield’s Books where I also work as the events coordinator/host at the Santa Rosa, CA store, and the Internet Sales coordinator for the company handling online sales fulfillment and customer service.

My work as a designer has centered on working with authors: doing book layout and formatting for print, converting and adapting those printed books to electronic formats (ePub eBook, Apple iBooks, and fixed-format PDFs), designing book covers and designing websites mainly for authors. The purpose is to offer authors a full set of designs to create a very professional book and a great website to promote the book and the writer.

The other aspect of my work is in interactive design, interface design (UI, defining the look and feel) and user experience (UX, defining the interaction and navigation) of such things as websites, apps for cellphones or tablets, and software for desktop computers.

I am passionate about books, book design, audiobooks, and interactive design.
My favorite genres, and the ones that as a bookseller I know more about are Science Fiction, Business and Technology, Computers, Current Affairs, Art & Design, and Spanish Language books.

It Is What It Is Press
Lubeck, Roger

Roger C. Lubeck is President of It Is What It Is Press. He is a publisher and consults on self-publishing.

Business Description:

Roger C. Lubeck is President of It Is What It Is Press. He is a publisher and consults on self-publishing. He designed the cover and interior for thirteen books. He has worked with more than 30 authors as a developmental editor. As a business consultant, Roger has presented over 100 workshops on Leadership, Management, and Sales. In addition, he has spoken on writing, editing, and self-publishing. Roger was the Editor-in-chief on four anthologies and a memoir by Samuel Chandler. Roger’s published works include business articles, poems, short stories, a contest winning ten-minute play, and a first-place winner in a short story contest. Roger has self-published six novels, and two business books.


Roger C. Lubeck is President of It Is What It Is Press and Corporate Behavior Analysts, Ltd. Roger is a Vice President on the Board of Directors for Redwood Writers. He was the Editor-in-chief on four anthologies and a memoir by Samuel Chandler. Roger’s published works include business articles, poems, short stories, six novels, two business books, a contest winning ten-minute play, and a first-place short story contest winner. His newest novel, Ghosts in Horseshoe Canyon is a modern crime novel set in southern Utah. In addition, Roger is developing a treatment and screenplay for a TV comedy.

Renaissance Consultaitons
S.A. “Sam” Jernigan
Address: PO Box 561
Auburn, CA

Offering a full menu of publishing-related assistance, and specializing in publicity/promotion — including for first-time authors.

Phone Number: 530.362.1339
Business Description:

At Renaissance, you have the option of obtaining help with just one piece of your publishing puzzle – OR receive comprehensive assistance in bringing your early stage project to marketplace fruition.

Scope of services available includes bringing a raw manuscript through the entire development process including editing/book development, graphic design (marketing-oriented front/back jacket + interior layout; also photo and image editing/enhancement), self-publishing (print and/or ebook), and your book’s all-important promotion & launch including obtaining pre-publication endorsements/reviews, regional and/or national publicity, arranging for retail distribution, setting up all Amazon arrangements including enhanced marketing strategies for optimizing your book’s performance online, as well as researching and reaching out to sizable populations of just-right readers for your specific title.

Overall, there’s a bottom-line marketing focu$ to all aspects of our work on behalf of authors…


Hi, I’m “Sam” Jernigan and have spent a lonnng stretch in the publishing trenches, having originally begun my work in this sector during the mid-90s while on staff with a then-sizable publishing company. They were based in TN and I worked as a Marketing Administrator in their satellite office in Santa Rosa. When they closed down their west coast operation, I hung out my own shingle, originally specializing in book promo.

Over the years, I’ve specialized in working with first-time authors for whom I’ve been able to acquire first tier publicity (see roster on my website), and have expanded into book development with the same aggressive marketing orientation.

Recent local successes:,, also