Science Fiction Short Story Contest 2012


John Harden

 1st Place, John Harden ­—“New”  

Visual communicator since he could hold a crayon, John Harden lists illustration, design, screenwriting and film direction among his marketable skills. He is a designer and copywriter at Armstrong Associates, a Santa Rosa-based marketing firm. John’s films and screenplays have won awards in contests and film festivals worldwide. See his work at To read an excerpt, click “New”


Liz Chamberlin

2nd Place, Liz Chamberlin ­­— “Rats”

Liz Chamberlin’s work won the Maurice Prize in Fiction and has appeared in Storyglossia and Fourteen Hills. She has graduate degrees in Ecology and Creative Writing from UC Davis, and tends to write a lot of fiction that involves science, and especially biology, in one way or another. Hopefully, more “other” than “one way.” To read the story in its entirety, click “Rats”


3rd Place, Dan Watkins ­— “The Gwladis”

Dan Watkins is a writer and editor living in Sebastopol. He is a fan of science fiction, westerns, and whoop-de-doo literature. Visit his website at Contact him at [email protected]. To read “The Gwladis”  in its entirety, click “The Gwladis.”

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Our Judges

Ann WilkesContest Chair – Ann Wilkes
Ann Wilkes has been writing and selling science fiction short stories since 2004. She has been an editor for an online sci-fi ezine and was one of the editors for this year’s Redwood Writers anthology. She is also the creator, editor and chief blogger at Science Fiction and Other ODDyssesys (, an award-winning science fiction blog that features interviews with authors (famous and up-and-coming), reviews, the occasional flash fiction contest and commentary on science fiction and writing.


Contest Judges:

Mike ResnickMike Resnick
Mike Resnick is, according to Locus, the all-time leading award winner, living or dead, for short fiction. He is the winner of five Hugo Awards (from a record 36 nominations), a Nebula, and other major awards in the USA, France, Japan, Poland, Croatia and Spain. He is the author of 70 novels, more than 250 short stories, three screenplays, and is the editor of 40 anthologies. His work has been translated into 26 languages, and he is the 2012 Worldcon Guest of Honor.


Madeleine RobinsMadeleine Robins
Writing gives Madeleine Robins the chance to focus on many of her ruling passions: cities, history, swordplay, the history of disease, and the future of mankind. Born in New York City, Robins has been, in no particular order, a nanny, a teacher, an actor and stage-combatant, an administrator, a comic book editor, a baker, typist-clerk for Thos. Cook’s Houses of Parliament office, a repairer-of-hurt-books, an editorial consultant, and a writer. She holds a degree in Theatre Studies from Connecticut College, and attended the Clarion Science Fiction Workshop in 1981. She is a founding member of the BookViewCafe, and a sometime officer of the Science Fiction Writers of America. A lifelong and passionate fan of cities and all things urban, Madeleine Robins now lives in San Francisco with her family, dog, and one hegemonic lemon tree.


Juliette WadeJuliette Wade
Juliette Wade received her degrees in Anthropology, Japanese and Linguistics, and subsequently turned those into resources for writing science fiction. Her work has appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, where she will have another story appear in the fall of 2012. Her story “Cold Words” (Analog, October 2009) was recently anthologized in Analog’s e-anthology “Into the New Millennium: Trailblazing Tales from Analog Science Fiction and Fact 2000-2010.” Look for Juliette Wade at