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Celebrate the success of Bay Area authors at the annual
Redwood Writers Author Launch event.

Listen to excerpts from new books published by our members since last July,
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Below, check out the stellar lineup of featured authors during the 2017 Author Launch.

Sunday, July 9, 2017
2 - 4:30 p.m.
Flamingo Resort, Empire Room

FREE for RW members, their guests, and the general public.




Joelle Burnette is an award-winning writer and artist, and the author of two coloring books for adults, Hearts: Love's Journey, and Snowflakes. More of her books include a nonfiction, Cancer Time Bomb: How the BRCA Gene Stole My Tits and Eggs, and a children’s book, Freedom Doesn’t Just Come Along with a Tree. Joelle reported for newspapers and wrote television news after earning her master’s in journalism from Stanford University.

Lose yourself in the perfect blend of romance, poetry, and relaxation in Hearts: Love’s Journey, a coloring book for adults. Each design in this beautiful book reveals the many moods and passions of love. Enjoy hours of stress-relieving coloring more than 50 full-page designs from the author’s pen drawings.


Love's Journey
A Coloring Book for Adults




Gloria Dunn-Violin is an author, professional speaker, and workshop leader on retirement and aging. Gloria hosted a Cable TV talk show and wrote articles for publications nationwide. She writes a monthly column for the North Bay Business Journal and is an active member of her community and Rotary Club.

Wisdom, guidance, stories, and worksheets help you think through and plan your retirement. An uplifting, inspiring, and forward thinking escort to your best life yet. Informs, entertains, and personalizes this major transition for the reader, and will show how to make the best of their later years.

Having a Life After Making a Living




Born and raised in Seattle, Diane Fortier moved to San Francisco when she was 28. Drawn by the sun and the "gay capital of the West Coast" she found herself loving the life and freedom.

Diane now lives in Sonoma County—which for her will always be a "Visual Feast"—with her partner and two dogs, Bingo and Craven.

Raised by her mother - a pill popping, alcoholic beauty; and her step-father—a cruel, debonair, alcoholic—Diane's only ally is her flamboyant, cross-dressing brother, Jimmy. At age 14, Diane is sent to lock-up at the Convent of the Good Shepherd where she finds a community of similar girls from dysfunctional families, and, under the vigilant eyes of the nuns, comes out as gay.

Fizz in the Fire




Andrea Granahan is an award-winning poet as well as a respected journalist and travel writer. Her work has been anthologized many times, and she has been a resident poet in the Poet in the Schools program.

Poems from a Southern childhood, poems from the wild side, poems born at the west edge of a continent, poems from travel and art. Playfully, sorrowfully but always with the eye on the experience more than the poet, this book avoids obscurity and offers communication in its most economical form.

The Man with the Portable Love Room and Other Stray Thoughts




William Cook Haigwood is the author of Journeying the Sixties: A Counterculture Tarot, a metahistory of the Counterculture and A Time of Unsearchable Things, the first novel in his series Stories of the Post-Counterculture. Davenport is the second novel in this series. Haigwood is a former newspaper editor and publisher.

Set during the Recession of 2007-08, Davenport is the first of three novels that together tell a photographer’s picaresque coastal odyssey as he uncovers a 21st century counterculture forming on the beaches of central California. Some of its participating sybarites and outlaws treat him with regard. Others threaten his existence.




Laura McHale Holland

In addition to her new memoir, Resilient Ruin, Laura McHale Holland previously published three award-winning books: the anthology Sisters Born, Sisters Found: A Diversity of Voices on Sisterhood; The Ice Cream Vendor's Song, a flash fiction collection; and Reversible Skirt, a childhood memoir. For a free ebook, please visit LauraMcHaleHolland.com.

Orphaned teen Laura lives on dreams, rock ’n’ roll, and kisses in the moonlight. She believes rebellion will set her free, but she’ll fall far before building a better life. Resilient Ruin tells a striking, poignant story of a brave, unaffected heroine. A masterful memoir of survival and learning to forgive.

Resilient Ruin:
A Memoir of Hopes Dashed and Reclaimed



Kymberlie Ingalls

Kymberlie Ingalls is the author of two collections of personal essays and has several blog sites to showcase her many interests. She has a varied background that includes radio broadcasting, auto racing, comedy, and teaching adult education. She works with writers as an editor, writing coach, and marketing advisor.

In this collection of personal essays spanning 18 months, journey with the author as she faces change, loss, and a looming premonition of her own death. With an overwhelming loneliness, Ingalls examines her unfolding life in the search for its meaning while trying to define its certainty.




Marian Lindner

Marian Lindner is the award-winning author of four books: San Francisco, The Hunt for the Lost Word, The Witch Lineage, and The Emotionally Available Partner. Always in search of great stories, she lives in Glen Ellen, California, with her husband, daughter, a golden-haired Chow-Chow, and two little black cats.

Lena Helix resides in Morro Bay, California, where warring witch covens rule—and an unstoppable sorceress is set to form a powerful alliance. Vicious attacks plague the town; the mighty covens convene; Lena’s supernatural powers surge. Will Lena rescue those she loves or take her place in the witch lineage?

The Witch Lineage




English teacher and columnist before becoming a psychotherapist in Hawaii, Kay Mehl Miller was a newspaper reporter, intermediate school teacher, and earned a Ph.D. in psychology at age 58. She has published two nonfiction books, two novels, and wrote two plays, one of which was produced by 6th Street Playhouse.

Drinking alcohol is a constant in Diana Lossen’s life from her early experience of being taught to drink as a caution against alcoholism to well into her marriage and motherhood. Unaware of a possible inherited tendency to become alcoholic, Diana drinks with confidence but struggles to cope with consequences.

Ring Around Reality



Alex Moores

Living in Water is Alex Moores' debut novel. He is a member of the Redwood Writers and utilized local professionals to complete the novel; the editor, cover designer, and artist are all Bay Area residents. Besides being an author and avid reader, Alex is an elementary teacher in Sonoma County.

After Stacey accepts a teaching position in Germany, he persuades his brother and friends to join him on an adventure through Europe. But fortuitous events influenced by the mystical power of water and opportunities for love detour their trip, sending them on an unexpected journey that deeply affects them all.

Living in Water




Maetreyii Ma Nolan, PhD., is an author of spiritual books and a teacher of meditation and yogic wisdom. She is also a licensed psychologist in private practice and founder and the president of Ananda Gurukula, a non-profit organization dedicated to traditional yoga teachings. Maetreyii Ma holds satsanga's, retreats and kirtans at her Santa Rosa Center.

Living Love explores the ancient teachings of yoga that assist with living in the world and facing life’s difficulties. This book leads you through processes that can help you shift negative beliefs and thought patterns, transform your relationship with yourself and others and ultimately your life. A unique blend of the ancient teachings of yoga and modern psychology it offers teachings for happiness, compassion, self-love, and self-realization.




Jan Ogren

Jan Ögren, MFT, is an international author, Medicine Woman, storyteller and licensed psychotherapist. She uses an amusing and inspirational manner to write and speak on health and transformational topics. Her novel Dividing Worlds was released in June 2011. Dragon Magic: Amazing Fables for All Ages came out in 2015.

Choose Life is dedicated to my 98-year-old father's philosophy of life: encouraging people to look forward to growing older, to try something new, to be positive, and to exercise daily. To help create this book, my father chose which of my poems and photographs best represent his philosophy of life.

Choose Life:
Poetry, Prose and Photography



Alon Shalev

Alon Shalev never imagined writing epic fantasy. Then in 2009, on a family camping trip, Alon began writing a fantasy novel to read to his sons around the campfire. Over the next six years, both sons and the ancient redwood forests bore witness to the summoning of the Wycaan Masters.

A kingdom has no king and a mighty invading army is bent on massacre. A family of noble elven heritage is wounded and dispersed. The freedom of Odessiya will be decided on the Plains of Shindellia. There can be no more defeats. There is nowhere left to run.

Calhei No More




Susanna Solomon is the author of Point Reyes Sheriff's Calls, (HD Media Press 2013). Her second collection More Point Reyes Sheriff’s Calls came out last summer. Her stories have been published in the Point Reyes Light, The MacGuffin Literary Review, Meat for Tea–the Valley Review, in the Redwood Anthology (five times) and online in the Mill Valley Literary Review and Harlot’s Sauce Radio. Lately, she’s been writing ghost stories set in Paris.

Susanna Solomon will never lack for material when it comes to the sheriff calls in west Marin. It’s what she does with them. Fact can be stranger than fiction, however Solomon takes fiction and weaves tales that take the reader right into the depths of the funny, unusual and often tragic scenarios that would cause one to “call the sheriff.” You will not be able to put the collection down.

More Point Reyes Sheriff's Calls



Patty Somlo

Patty Somlo’s recent books are The First to Disappear, Finalist in the 2016 International Book Awards and 2016 Best Book Awards, and Even When Trapped Behind Clouds: A Memoir of Quiet Grace, Finalist in the 2016-17 Reader Views Literary Awards. Hairway to Heaven Stories is forthcoming from Cherry Castle Publishing.

From Hawaii to San Francisco and the Washington coast, Patty Somlo explores places she has lived in order to find her way home. Even When Trapped Behind Clouds: A Memoir of Quiet Grace is a lyrical memoir and an honest exploration of psychological healing through the places in our lives.

Even When Trapped Behind Clouds:

A Memoir of Quiet Grace



Nina Tepedino

Nina Tepedino is a musician, poet, teacher of children, and the Arts and a Tai Chi instructor. She is schooled by Nature's Way for forty years. Her life stories and research are testimonies; fueling her passion to voice words of longevity and a healthy lifestyle for all ages.

SOUND! is a book to chronicle years of research and experience in healing the natural way. It consists of six chapter essays with resources. It points to a path free from chemicals, with increased longevity, and protection from pharmaceutical dynasties for present and future generations.

SOUND! Body and Mind at 82: Health Wisdom
for All Ages




Cathy Wild has spent more than 30 years developing innovative approaches to healing that integrate powerful body-centered techniques with the creative process. Today, her life's work has deepened and evolved into Body-Centered Healing—a dynamic, experiential process that supports clients on a profound personal journey of transformation.

Many people mistakenly assume “creativity” is a term reserved only for those engaged in certain professions or possessing artistic gifts. Wild Ideas instead invites any willing, open-minded reader on an intimate and provocative journey designed to spur transformation—whether personally or professionally.

Wild Ideas:
Creativity from the Inside out




Nathaniel R.(Bob) Winters grew up in suburban N.Y.C. The Navy Vietnam veteran graduated from Sonoma State then taught and coached high school for 30 years. He lives in St. Helena with his wife. Despite having Parkinson's disease, he writes almost every day and has published 15 books in 10 years.

Not Quite Kosher is quite a memoir but a unique blend of non-fictional prose, poetry, and even fiction that parallels reality. Nathaniel has had his share of tragedy, joy, disappointment, and celebration. Join him on a life well lived.

Not Quite Kosher



Jean Wong

Jean Wong is the author of Sleeping with the Gods and Hurtling Jade and Other Tales of Personal Folly. She is an award-winning poet, fiction, and memoir fiction writer. Her work has been produced by the 6th Street Playhouse, Petaluma Reader's Theater, Off The Page, and Lucky Penny Productions.

Hurtling Jade and Other Tales of Personal Folly is divided into five parts: Confusion, Folly, Luck, Insight, and Wonder. Jean Wong says, “The tales tell the best parts of my idiotic and fabulous journey up and down the slippery slopes. And it tells all! Well, not quite all, but almost.”

Hurtling Jade and Other Tales of Personal Folly



Natasha Yim

Natasha Yim is the children’s author of five picture books. She has also written nonfiction articles for magazines and is a regular contributor to Mendocino Arts Magazine. She is currently working on two multicultural middle-grade novels: a humorous tale with paranormal elements, and a multicultural historical fiction.

This re-envisioned folk tale from Hong Kong tells the story of Ling Yee who faithfully scans the horizon for the husband she lost at sea. Taking pity upon her sorrow, the Goddess Tin Hau turns her into stone. Will she forever remain a rock? Or will love and loyalty prevail?

The Rock Maiden