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Copperfield’s Montgomery Village

Beginning in January 2015, Redwood Writers collaborates with Copperfield’s Books to offer a monthly book club, featuring works written by its own members. The group will meet on the last Tuesday of each month from 6-8 p.m. at the Montgomery Village store, 775 Village Court, with the first date on Jan. 27, 2015. 

Dubbed “Journey Through the Genres,” it will present a different genre or sub-genre of fiction each month. Become a member at Copperfield’s, where the books will be on sale. The Redwood Writer authors will attend the meetings to respond to comments and questions, and the groups will be facilitated.


Featured writers and their works for the first six months include:

Sharon Hamilton, Seal of My Heart (romance), Jan. 27

Sandy Baker and Tom Reed, The Tehran Triangle (thriller/intrigue), Feb. 24

Amanda McTigue, Going to Solace (literary fiction), March 31

M.A. Adler, In the Shadow of Lies (mystery), April 28

Arletta Dawdy, Huachuca Woman (historical fiction), May 26

Waights Taylor Jr., Kiss of Salvation (detective), June 30


January 27th

In Seal of My Heart, Kate Morgan’s engagement is at risk when she sets eyes on the handsome elite warrior sitting next to her on the plane. Navy SEAL Tyler Gray thought he knew what he wanted in life, until he meets Kate and their obvious attraction has sparks flying. Love letters from the past turn out to be much more. Can someone fall deeply in love with just letters exchanged? Will Tyler be able to save Kate without threatening his own life? 

Hamilton, SharonSharon Hamilton is a NY Times and USA Today best-selling author with her almost-erotic series of the SEAL Brotherhood. Her other popular series are The Golden Vampires of Tuscany and Guardian Angels. She lives in Santa Rosa with her husband and two Dobermans. A lifelong organic gardener, Sharon loves to wander the farmers markets looking for heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers.


Tehran Triangle4From modern Tehran to the rail yards of El Paso and the gang lairs of Juarez, this thriller explodes into a riveting tale of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. CIA agent Elizabeth Mallory contests with ruthless Iranian Col. Gharabaghi to halt a vengeful bomb plot. Fact-based The Tehran Triangle compels Baker, Sandy & Reed, Tomthe question “What if?”

Tom Reed and Sandy Baker, co-authors. Take a nuclear weapons designer and national security advisor to presidents and mix him with a plot- and character-driven English major obsessed with language, and what is the result? The Tehran Triangle! With his outline already written, Tom Reed and Sandy Baker met at Tuesday breakfast for two years to produce this novel. They’re still good friends! and


Going to Solace4Amanda McTigue’s debut novel, Going to Solace, was selected by KRCB’s “Word by Word” as one of four “Best Reads of 2012.” Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this work of Southern literary fiction follows a handful of mismatched folks—caregivers all—whose paths cross at a local hospice called Solace. As their stories intertwine, we come to know the altered states of humor, compassion and sheer inventiveness that visit us as our loved (and hated) ones pass from this world to the next.

McTigue, AmandaRaised by Appalachian teachers and preachers, Amanda McTigue went on to study philosophy at Yale. During her New York years, her stage works were produced in venues as varied as Carnegie Hall and Tokyo Disney Sea. Over the past ten years, she’s been a guest lecturer at Sonoma State University in both writing and drama. In addition, she’s a regular storyteller at West Side Stories in Petaluma. Look for her up-coming short story collection, This Is Not Water, followed by a second novel, Monkey Bottom.


In the Shadow of Lies4This fast-paced historical mystery illuminates the dark side of the SF Bay Area during WWII. Racial and ethnic tensions, the KKK, and Italian POWs living on Angel Island give rise to seemingly unrelated crimes that are resolved by a wounded marine, a black MP, and an Italian POW. Beautifully written and suspenseful, this novel’s vivid characters celebrate the gift of finding family Adler, MAamong strangers.

When M.A. Adler is not researching the second Oliver Wright mystery novel or drawing complicated plot diagrams, Adler does Canine Nosework with her brilliant partner, AndyPandy, an “All-American” dog, enjoys her family, and bakes pies for her husband while asking herself “What if Oliver discovers….” She lived in Point Richmond as a child and now lives in Sebastopol.



Huachuca Woman4In Huachuca Woman, Josephine Nichols at 75 hasn’t been up to caring for her southeast Arizona ranch. She’s thinking of selling out when spring break 1952 brings the Nichols cousins to the ranch and its matriarch. Recording Josephine’s treasured stories of border life, they get more than they dreamed of, bargained for, or knew.

Dawdy,ArlettaArletta Dawdy is primarily an historical novelist whose five-star rated books Huachuca Woman, By Grace and Rose of Sharon (currently in progress) comprise The Huachuca Trilogy. In poetry, short stories and essays, Arletta writes of the American West of today and yesteryear.




Kiss of SalvationKiss of Salvation takes us to 1947 Birmingham, Alabama, which cloaks many mysteries under its segregated shroud: glittering social soirées, secret sexual parties, a Machiavellian civic leader, and multiple murders of black prostitutes in dark alleys. Racist police chief, Big Bob Watson, reluctantly assigns Homicide Detective Joe McGrath to the case. The black community stonewalls the investigation. Joe teams up with Sam Rucker, the city’s only black private eye. Working across the racial boundaries of the day, they take us step-by-step to the city’s heart of darkness in search of an elusive, vicious killer.

Taylor, WaightsWaights Taylor Jr., born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, has lived in Sonoma County for seventeen years. When his professional career was coming to an end, he turned to writing. His first book, Alfons Mucha’s Slav Epic, was published in 2008, and his second book, the award-winning Our Southern Home, was published in 2011. His latest book and first novel, a murder mystery entitled Kiss of Salvation, was published in August 2014.