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The deadline for newsletter content is the 15th of each month. Anything after this date will be saved for the next issue.

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Skye Blaine


Poetry Editor

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Submission Deadlines

The deadline for poetry is the 10th of each month. 

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Submission Guidelines

Breaking News is for members to share writing-related accomplishments only. Please write your news in first person in 75 words or less. All pieces over this limit will be edited down. Please include a picture.

Article submissions should be around 500 words, but we are flexible. Please check your spelling and grammar prior to submission.

Announcements for the newsletter must be writing related. Please note we no longer publish members’ private fee-based events. We also do not have the room to publish announcements for members’ parties. Please include your picture and details and a text copy about your writing class or event.

Why I Write and What I’m Reading: Please keep word count to 60 words or less. Pieces will be published as space permits. Overflow is saved for the next newsletter.

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