Poetry Anthology

And the Beats Go On-smAnd the Beats Go On

 Redwood Writers Poetry Anthology 2014

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Catharine Bramkamp

Catharine Bramkamp

Catharine Bramkamp, Editor, is a successful book coach and author of a dozen books. She is also a dynamic speaker and event coordinator. She specializes in helping businesswomen publish both their fiction and their business books. As the producer for Newbie Writers Podcast and blog, she focuses on helping the Newbie Writer. She holds two degrees in English and Creative Writing and is an adjunct professor of communication and literature for University of Phoenix and JFK University.

She has published a handful of novels and collections including five books in her Real Estate Diva Mystery series, two Chicken Soup for the Soul books and a poetry collection, Ammonia Sunrise. She served as editor for the Vintage Voices Anthology, Centennial Edition. Her writing books are Don’t Write Like You Talk and The Cheap Retreat Workbook.

She just organized the first Day of the Book Conference at JFK University which involved many Redwood Writers. She and her husband divide their time between Sonoma and Nevada County. Her web site is www.YourBookStartsHere.com.

Any questions, please email Catharine Bramkamp: [email protected]