Poetry Anthology Workshop

Stolen Light is the title of the 2016 Redwood Writers Poetry Anthology. The editing team will be holding a Poetry Workshop for Redwood Writers members during which poets can ask questions and receive writing tips. Here’s more information:

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Join in the discussion with the anthology editors
about your poems 
and learn valuable
strategies for improving them.
(A list of the editors can be found on the
anthology information and submissions page)
As well, you will have the

opportunity to share ideas with fellow poets.

Workshop bonus:
There will be a review of the submission process.

Sign up using the online form, below, and get ready
to submit 
your poem to the 2016 Poetry Anthology!

Click here for a workshop flier.

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Saturday, Aug. 22
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Flamingo Hotel
Oak Room


Space is limited!
Sign up below…


*PLEASE NOTE: Attending the workshop is NOT a requirement for submitting to the 2016 Poetry Anthology, nor will members’ attendance impact writers’ chances of their poems being chosen to be included in the anthology.

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