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Information About the 2015 Anthology

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Redwood Writers anthologies. We’ve come a long way since 2006, and it seems fitting to reflect on the journeys that brought Redwood Writers to where we are today. There are many types of journeys: travel adventures, life passages, heroes’ journeys, pilgrimages, odysseys, and flights of fancy. All journeys begin in one place and end in another, having elements of challenge, change, and transformation. Where have you been? Where will you and your heroes go in the future? Bring us into the worlds of your journeys.

The Editorial Team

This year’s overall anthology editor is Amber Lea Starfire, assisted by selection team members Kate Farrell and Helen Sedwick. A team of editors will assist with editing the final selections for publication. Linda Loveland Reid serves as the board liaison.

Our annual Redwood Writers anthologies provide an opportunity for members to experience the submission, selection, and publication processes. Think of the selection team as acquisition editors who accept pieces based on adherence to the guidelines and quality of the work. If your piece is selected, you will be assigned an editor to guide you through the publication revision process, just as would be the case if you were working with a publishing house.

If you have any questions about the anthology or you are interested in joining the editing team, please contact Amber Lea Starfire at [email protected].

Amber Lea Starfire

Amber Lea Starfire


Anthology Editor

Amber Lea Starfire is an author, editor, and creative writing teacher with a passion for helping others bring their stories to life. As writing coach and editor, she has assisted many writers through the publication process. Author of Not the Mother I Remember: A Memoir, Publish Your Chapbook!, and Week by Week: A Year’s Worth of Journaling Prompts & Meditations, Amber is also co-editor of the popular anthology, Times They Were A-Changing: Women Remember the ’60s & ’70s and past editor of Story Circle Network’s annual True Words anthology.