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Arlene Miller, a Redwood Writers Board Vice President and author of The Best Little Grammar Book Ever, uses social media to get the word out about her book and to encourage sales. I had a chance to interview her recently in hopes that she might share some of her secrets with us.

Arlene Miller

Arlene began using Facebook in 2008 simply because she wanted to keep up with her daughter who tours with Disney On Ice. After she wrote and published her book 2 years ago, she found Facebook to be an important tool in getting the word out about her grammar book. Today, she maintains both a profile (631 friends) and a fan page (249 page likes).

“Through Facebook, I got hooked up with people from elementary and high school. It all started with an invitation to a reunion and even though I didn’t attend it, former schoolmates bought multiple copies of my book,” she said.

It was through Facebook as well that Apple users found her and soon the entire group was ordering her book.

“I have a lot of Facebook friends – some I know and others I don’t know. In general, it gets the word out about what you’re

LinkedIn is often overlooked by writers but again Arlene has had success in using this social media channel to buy her book. She joined several groups, asked members for their advice on an upcoming book she is writing, and contributed to the groups by answering questions and offering advice.

When I asked Arlene for her best tips, she offered some great advice. “The best thing is don’t try to sell; try to help people.
Don’t say I have a book to sell and you should buy it. Instead answer questions and try to help others.”

The network she favors the most is the Yahoo listserv. “When I was first thinking of publishing my book, I joined a Yahoo self-publishing group. I wouldn’t ever have been able to publish my book without that listserv. It’s really very good. I found my book designer and interior designer, and I don’t know how I would have done that book without that group. That group taught me almost everything I know about self-publishing.”

Seven tips on how to promote your Facebook fan page:

  1. Put your Facebook page URL in your email signature.
  2. Write a blog post about your new Facebook page.
  3. Tag other people’s high-traffic Facebook pages in your updates.
  4. Ask your Twitter followers to like your Facebook page.
  5. Consider buying Facebook advertising.
  6. Customize your URL. For example, Redwood Writer’s is:
  7. Put your Facebook page URL on your Twitter profile description.


Frances Caballo

About the Author: Sonoma County social media consultant Frances Caballo owns ACT Communications and has 22 years of communications and resource development experience. She specializes in helping writers, businesses and nonprofits with their social media marketing, external communications, and fund development needs. Frances is bilingual in English and Spanish. Find her on Facebook:, Twitter (@CaballoFrances), and LinkedIn.


  1. Yes, Arlene, thanks for your golden advice. It holds true across face to face or online networking “…don’t try to sell. Try to help people.”

  2. Thanks, Arlene! Such timely advice for writers!

  3. Great advice, Arlene. Thanks to you and Frances for all you do for Redwood Writers.

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