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Writer’s Guide to Marketing, Redwood Writers’ Blog

By Frances Caballo for Redwood Writers

To market your book, you need a blog.You have spent years crafting your novel or anthology of poems and now you’re ready to send it out into the world. You’re trained as a writer but what about marketing? This series of blogs will endeavor to help you master the next steps to selling your book. 

You’ve published your book (or made it available as an e-book), signed up for Facebook and Twitter, and you have a website. At last you can do a few readings, ask your Redwood Writers colleagues to buy a copy, and relax. Right?


You need a blog. Search engines love websites that continually add new content and blogs are an easy way to achieve that objective.

How often should you blog? Some people blog daily while others blog once a month. If you can blog twice a week, that would be

If you can only blog once a month that’s okay. Just start one and keep it going. And don’t forget to use this platform to promote
your book.

How to Use Your Blog to Promote Your Book 

Here are a few topics that you can use when your brain clouds over and you can’t come up with a new post.

  • Discuss how you researched the background for your book. Which libraries or resources
    were most helpful? What did you learn from the experience?
  • Assume the voice of one of your characters and have them talk about the book.
  • Create a vlog (a video blog) now and then and interview some of your readers.
  • Write a blog for an upcoming book reading/signing or write a post about something humorous or marvelous that occurred at your last reading.
  • Talk about the setting in your book.
  • Feature an excerpt and explain why you like it (aside from the fact that you wrote it!).
  • Write about your rejection letters.
  • Prepare a post about your marketing challenges.
  • Explain why you wrote this book.
  • Is your book topical? Tell people why you chose to write it now.
  • Is your book for young adults? Explain why you targeted that audience.
  • Are you thrilled with the jacket cover? Tell your readers how you found your designer and how you worked

I could continue but by now I’m certain you have your own ideas so please share them here so we can learn from each other.

About the Author: Frances Caballo, owner of ACT Communications, has 22 years of communications and resource development experience. She has worked with small businesses and local, regional and national nonprofits at all levels of management. Presently, she is the Social Media Editor and board member for Redwood Writers. She specializes in helping writers, small businesses and nonprofits with their social media marketing, external communications, and fund development needs. Frances is bilingual in English and Spanish.

 ©Frances Caballo 2011 – This post cannot be reproduced without the expressed permission of the author.


  1. I thought the list was very helpful and not just for blogging.
    When I next am speaking about my novel, I will use some of these prompts to make my talk more interesting. Thanks.

  2. Oops! I missed the subscribe button. So now
    I’m checking the last box.

  3. Yes, a most excellent post!

    Thanks Frances. I’m sorry I’m so late in reading this. I am subscribing to your updates. Sent several RT’s to Twitter from the widget you installed. Great look to this blog, plus super-helpful information.

    I have always helped others to market their businesses or nonprofits.

    But marketing my own writing? Not happening. I know I need a plan to build my name before I launch books.

    Over this past year, I have learned to love blogging! Who knew?

    Writing nonfiction (which often pays better, sells better and has more outlets to sell to) is actually a real kick. With the World Wide Web of information, I can get any question answered in short time. And I do love to dig up new sources, especially on animal welfare, dog rescue and dog socialization. Like a kid in a candy store, daily fresh science research and writing on animals and pets surfaces from the ocean of the Internet.

    And people do turn their best blog posts into e-books. Looking into that for later in 2012.

    As to how often to blog, I have found a rhythm. Three times a week. The middle of the week I go for something about 500 words with photo and/or video. I send out a Photo Friday to brighten readers with dog humor or a fun dog pic.

  4. Great list. I’ve been meaning to get around to doing this and your list provides a great prompt. Thanks. Charles

  5. Facebook reminds me to keep up with my blogs. This week, I switched my profile page to the new Timeline format, which displays in two columns. This allows more room for my books and their blogs on the current timeline page. When they disappear, I know it’s time to add more content. I also post the link for purchase, as I add links to my blog. This displays the book cover, price and basic info on your current profile page. It benefits authors to keep their Facebook pages, Twitter Accounts and Websites active, current, and exciting. By connecting the three together, you’ll draw constant attention to your work.

    In addition, use your Redwood Writer membership to its full advantage. As you add content to your blogs, post the link on the club’s page. Then in the spirit of “writers helping writers” it’s advantageous for us all to share each other’s posts.

    Redwood Writers attracts statewide attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re not beginning to attract nationwide attention, as well. Historically when writers gather together, the results are outstanding. With today’s social media, it’s easier than ever for us to connect. So, make the effort and then sit back and watch as Sonoma County becomes a writer’s mecca.

  6. Linda Loveland Reid says

    Great start on Blog, Frances!
    Wonderful ideas about blogging. Wish I had more time for this important event!

  7. The first year of my blog I wrote a post each week. I felt it was a journalistic routine and a commitment I needed to make. There was a new walk every Thursday evening for my subscribers and readers.

    After that first year, I took a breather, but the “when” and “how often” and “am I neglecting it” are annoying. There’s no clear marker for every two weeks or twice a month.

    I think I need to define other goals.

  8. Thanks, Frances! Great ideas and a terrific list. You’ve encouraged me to keep on blogging!

    One idea I’ve had for my blog featuring my anthology of 25 women and memoirs about mothers is to ask each of them to be a guest blogger, describing their process in writing for the book, Wisdom Has a Voice. So far, their posts have been successful and provided real insights into the memoir writing process.

  9. Hi Frances,
    I’m just catching up to your blog and help for RW writers. Thanks for the insights and information you are sharing. I know I’ll be visiting regularly!

  10. This is great info. My problem is finding time to make blog entries. I’ve got the blogs!
    New Year’s resolution: a post a week!

  11. What a great list! Thank you, I will work filling my blog with these good ideas to promote my new book – In Good Faith!

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