About CWC

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California Writers Club is one of the oldest writers’ organizations in continuous operation in the nation, founded in 1909. We are a nonprofit education corporation with eighteen branches throughout California. Our organization is dedicated to educating writers of all levels and disciplines in the craft of writing and in the marketing of their work. The Club has more than 1700 members. Visit the CWC website for more information.

Our members are poets, journalists, essayists, technical writers, and creators of genre and literary fiction, as well as editors, booksellers, and others involved in related fields. We are joined together for the common goal of educating ourselves in the craft of writing and the realities of getting our work published. California residence is not required.

Our branches hold regular meetings with informative speakers and opportunities for networking with your fellow writers and publishing industry pros through our workshops, contests, seminars and publications. Join us and improve your writing and build your career.

Jack London and Friends

Jack London and friends, founding members of CWC.

CWC Officers:

President: Donna McCrohan

Vice President: Roger C. Lubeck

Secretary: Elisabeth Tuck

Treasurer: Anthony Becker

Executive Member-at-Large: Jeanette Fratto