Young Adult Fiction Contest 2014


Joanell Serra

Joanell Serra

Joanell Serra, Grand Prize
10-page manuscript critique by agent Stephen Fraser of Jennifer de Chiara Agency

Joanell Serra MFT is a fairly new Sonoma resident and a long time creative writer. She has published in 2014 with Eclectica, Blue Lake Review and Black Fox Literary Magazine and in early 2015 will publish with the Poydras Review. Serra’s collection of short stories, Sonoma Stories, will be published in 2015, and she is hard at work on her young adult novel. One of the winners in the playwriting contest in May 2014, she is very grateful for the support of the Redwood Writers. In addition to writing, Serra is a mother, works with first generation youth, and has a private therapy practice. 

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Marie Millard

Marie Millard, 1st Place

Marie Millard has been a member of Redwood Writers for about four years. Originally a trombone teacher by profession, she credits all her writing success to her critique group. Last year, she self published a mainstream young adult novella, Anaheim Tales. Marie also writes web content and manages social media pages.

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Jennifer Freese

Jennifer Freese

Jennifer Freese, 2nd Place

Jennifer Freese is a writer and an elementary school teacher at The Healdsburg School. A California native, Jennifer has lived in the Bay Area, New Orleans and New York City. Riven, her first novel, draws on her experiences living in these areas, as well as her love of fantasy and young adult fiction. Jennifer is also passionate about fostering a love of writing in her students, who have ranged in age from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Jennifer lives in Santa Rosa with her husband, two young sons and two cats.

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Charles Markee

Charles Markee

Charles Markee, 3rd Place

Charles coordinates the North Bay Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) meetings held in Sebastopol. He has published three middle-grade novels plus short works in three literary anthologies, in the Tiny-Lights literary website, and in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. He is a member of Redwood Writers.

“Maria’s Beads” Click on title to read.